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What makes you different

We hope our marryoke videos speak for themselves! Each one is a labour of love for us.

We go to weddings because we love doing these,  so we don’t try and leave early, and we don’t try and rearrange
your day so as to make it more convenient for us – there’s no specific time you have to set aside for filming.

Who chooses the song?

It’s your day and it’s entirely up to you. We’re delighted to help you choose the right one, and one that works

What makes a good song for marryoke?

We go into this in a bit more detail… Here

How long are you there for on the day?

We find you don’t get much decent footage before the ceremony as everyone is a bit sober or has their mind on other things. So we arrive about an hour before the ceremony.  We then stay as late as needs be to get the necessary footage – we never specify a time because it depends so much on how each wedding goes.

How long does it take to film a marryoke video?

Ages. The longer the better! The more footage you get, the better the end product, even if you don’t use all
of it. We spend all day doing the video, as ideally we want it to be a memento of the whole day,
featuring all the various settings as backgrounds.

What if people don’t want to perform?

That’s fine. There’s no point forcing it. Early in the day the footage usually isn’t much good because until
people have a drink they don’t really “act up” properly, and no-one likes to see footage of people looking
awkward. The most fruitful time is usually during the reception, where there’s still lots of light but people
have loosened up a bit. So although we try to get footage all day we don’t force it at the start because one doesn’t
want to make people uncomfortable.

How much of people's time does it take?

It doesn’t take up a lot of any given person’s time, because each person might only spend 5 or 10 minutes
across the course of the whole day filming a few lines.


Does it get in the way of other things?

We always do our best to ensure the video doesn’t take over proceedings, and we’re often told that we’re very successful in that – we try not to go round “making a scene”! We prefer to keep it low key. Our motto is that the video should be about the wedding – the wedding shouldn’t ever be about the video.

Suz and Nick Gardner were worried about this issue before, but later told us that..

“you could do with
something on your website that explained how easy it really is for people to do, how little skill people require and how unobtrusive it is! Nick was very skeptical of Marryoke when I suggested it at the beginning and surprised on the day that so many of our friends and family were snuck away for just a few seconds at a time without him even noticing. Even people who were dreading it found it easy and entertaining to do as to their surprise they didn’t have to know the words or the song or have any rhythm for that matter! They were given the words to repeat and an action to do and that was it…simple! After starting off as a sceptic he is now an avid supporter and without a doubt believes it added to the day itself.”

Do people mind filming it?

They love it! What I hope comes across from the videos is how much people enjoy doing it – people really
seem to get into it. In a way, having us there acts as an entertainment “feature” of the wedding, like having
a musician or a magician wandering about.

What song should we choose?

That old chuestnut! We have some advice here Song choice tips and have some suggestions
here Song suggestions.

Are you licensed?

We obtain (at our cost) a LM licence
28LM%29.aspx which enables us to put the video on DVD for you. We will also upload the video to youtube (only if you want us to), although adverts will be displayed on the video, and that is subject to youtube’s own policies about which songs it will/won’t show.

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