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What makes a good marryoke song?

If you look on YouTube you’ll see hundreds of (usually pretty bad) marryoke videos. Often people go for the same sort of songs. But not every song works – sometimes a great song just doesn’t work as a wedding video. So how do you choose the right one? Here are my tips:

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It's not all about love songs

It may seem strange, but the “message” of the song isn’t all that important.

Good  marryoke isn’t all about love songs – it doesn’t need to be about the happy couple  singing each other a love song,

It’s more about the guests having fun, and  demonstrating the atmosphere of the day.

It's all in the timing

 In terms of the length of the song: between 3 minutes and 3.30 is ideal.

Less is often more – if it goes on too long you end up having to fill the time with lower quality footage, whereas if it’s a shorter song then the only footage that gets in is the very best stuff, which improves the video as a whole.

Funny is good

It helps if there is something funny about the song. It doesn’t have to be a “joke” song by any means, but a bit of humor goes a long way.

Up tempo

It’s best to have something a bit “up tempo”.

That tends to convey the fun of a wedding better than a ballad.

Duets are ideal

It really helps if the song has boy and girl voices in it. It just looks much better when men mime to a male voice and vice versa. Duets are ideal, although there aren’t a lot of them out there annoyingly!

Well known

Of course one wants to avoid being cliched, but if the song is fairly well known, it is really helpful, because then instead of thinking about their words, the guests are thinking about performing, and that really helps them as well as the end product.

But of course, it’s up to you, and we can do whatever song you like! Take some time to mull it over and if you are drawing a blank then have a look at what buy proscar uk and our suggestions of buy proscar 5mg online.

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