Terms & Conditions

Agreement between us
These are the terms on which we will produce your wedding music video. They form part of our agreement between us and you once you either a) you have contacted us through
www.spoolfrog.co.uk, or b) have had notice of these terms and have agreed, by email, to engage us to produce the video.
Your legal contract is with Spoolfrog Limited and in these terms “we”/“us” refers to Spoolfrog Limited.

A deposit is payable to secure the date as set out on the invoice. Full payment is due one week before the wedding – if it is not made when due we reserve the right not to attend. If the wedding is cancelled the deposit will not be refundable, although no further payment will be due.

We will use our judgement to produce what we consider to best the best video from the available footage. We very much hope that you will be happy with the video itself. You have seen our other videos on youtube and we will endeavour to ensure that your video is of a similar standard to those. We will try our best to ensure you are delighted with the end result, although it is a subjective matter.
Please let us know in advance if there are any guests you are particularly keen to include in the video. Whilst we will try to feature as many guests as we can in the final video, you accept that it is the guests’ responsibility to get involved, and that if a guest is camera-shy or unwilling then they are unlikely to make the final video. We do not guarantee that every guest will feature, even though some guests may make multiple appearances.

We will endeavour to produce the video within two weeks of your wedding – although this (and any other estimate given) is not binding. However, if the final video has not been delivered by 2 months after your wedding you will be entitled to your money back.
Delivery will be deemed to take place on the earlier of: a) the video being uploaded onto youtube or other similar video-sharing website; and b) our sending you the file by email or on a DVD.

After we deliver the video if you require any changes we are happy to produce one re-edit free of charge, after that a fee of £20 per re-edit will apply.
You agree not to show the video to anyone else until you are happy with the final version. Circulating the video to others constitutes acceptance of it.

We retain the rights in the video material itself, although we will make the video available to you and you are free to use it in whatever manner you wish – you are granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to use the final video. However, the footage does not belong to you so if any footage is lost you will have no claim for that (apart from the right to your money back as set out above). In particular, we may use the video for purposes of our own promotion.
We will obtain (at our cost) a LM Licence to distribute the video on DVD. Depending on the rights owner of the song chosen it may not be possible to post the song on youtube or adverts may be displayed on it, or it may not be visible on mobile devices.

We will not be seeking “release forms” from your guests. By engaging us you confirm on behalf of your guests that they will be willing to have their image used in the final video unless you or they specifically tell us otherwise.

Your responsibilities
You agree to:
– make payment as set out above
– provide reasonable co-operation in supplying us with information requested before the day
– arrange food or a packed lunch for one of us (although we do not of course need a seat at any table). In our experience venues will often provide food for “workers” free of charge if asked anyway.

Spoolfrog is made up of several videographers and editors. We reserve the right to delegate the filming and editing of the video to any one of us, although the contract between you and Spoolfrog will remain unaffected.


We don’t carry public liability insurance – this is because we don’t use complicated equipment and will be doing much the same as any of your guests!

Song choice

We will do whatever we can to help you choose a song, but there may be times when we feel the song you choose is not one we will be able to create a good video for, or which does not fit with our style (for example the Crazy Frog, or most songs by Bruno Mars). If you and we are unable to reach agreement about a song you love AND which we can do well then we reserve the right to return your deposit (and any other sums paid) and cancel the agreement.

Filming of speeches/ceremony/other footage

As reflected by our prices, we specialise in music videos rather than “normal” wedding videos. While we are happy to film your speeches, ceremony, or other set pieces, this is not our area of specialism, and there are others who can do it better. We will film with a single fixed camera, from a spot chosen shortly beforehand. If you want a more professional job done we would be happy to recommend specialists.

In the very unlikely event that we need to cancel, or in the event of total loss of footage, our liability is limited to a full refund of any fees paid, and we will have no liability for replacement services. Our liability is unlimited for death or personal injury arising out of our negligence and for anything else which can’t be limited by law. That aside, our maximum liability is capped at the level of the fee you pay, so you recognise that in a worst-case scenario you will be entitled to all your money back but nothing more.

Cooling off period

The agreement between us comes into effect when you make payment of your deposit. A cooling-off period applies for 14 days after that, during which time you have the right to cancel, by notifying us in writing or by email. After that the deposit is non-refundable.

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